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Delta Blues Doc MacLean McLean

Mississippi Delta Blues; Traditional Acoustic Blues by a Living Blues Artist

Delta Blues. It whispers and shouts of places beyond flesh and bone. Doc MacLean was accompanist to some of the Mississippi's finest Delta songsters. Today, nearly thirty years after his first acoustic recordings and blues festival appearances, Doc MacLean is being rediscovered by a new generation of Delta blues audiences.

Traditional Country Blues and Heritage

Dirt yard covered in old mattress, tire, broken toy, glass. Wheelchair lyin' kitty in the mud. Board ramp to an open door. Inside, sprawl on an only chair, blind man wearing odd shoes, no socks. "I been waitin' for you," he whispered in the half light. Doc MacLean came of age beside some of the Delta's most respected songsters. As part of a living tradition, he is now a veteran performer, a respected songster-entertainer in his own right, and a contemporary Delta composer. Doc MacLean. Delta. Strokes her with some broken glass and the stories drop out.

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