Delta Blues Doc MacLean McLean

Mississippi Delta Blues; Traditional Acoustic Blues by a Living Blues Artist

Delta Blues. It whispers and shouts of places beyond flesh and bone. Doc MacLean was accompanist to some of the Mississippi's finest Delta songsters. Today, nearly thirty years after his first acoustic recordings and blues festival appearances, Doc MacLean is being rediscovered by a new generation of Delta blues audiences.

Traditional Country Blues and Heritage

More than music and more than place and more than something swelling out of the Mississippi. It's rough and it's smooth and it's bread floating on the water, and it's a shiver on your neck and something you saw out of the corner of your eye and sometimes it's time, broken time, unbroken time like a chain tied to something inside, sometimes it wears a pretty face, sometimes it don't, it's possessed, it's dispossessed, it happens, it whispers and shouts of places beyond flesh and bone, and underneath it like blood, sometimes lots of it, sometimes just a splatter on a wall, it's a shoe full of dirt, a juke that burns down too quick, a drink that a stranger bought for you, a scent on the night air, a preacher jumping on a box that won't let go. It is the Root and the Seed of the Blues. Delta. It don't have a lot to do with slick tour buses and loud new guitars.

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